Hockeysticks Sweden AB


Hockeysticks Sweden AB is a Swedish company that develops and manufactures hockey sticks for the Scandinavian market. Our goal is for all players at any level, should be able to play with the best materials the market can offer.


We have worked for six years to develop a hockey stick that has the characteristics that the best players demand. For two seasons the sticks have been fully tested by each player in a Division 1 team. They have played and trained with XYZ- SNIPER to ensure durability and quality are satisfactory. The sticks have been tested at all levels from youth to senior. At the senior level, we have positive feedback from players in all divisions.



We at Hockeysticks Sweden AB have extensive experience in production, as we have worked in senior management positions in a globally active company for many years. Manufacturing of our sticks is located in China, where we have technicians who have been involved from the start six years ago. We have extensive experience in production in China since the late 90's. We are actively working with the production and technicians to develop the best possible product.

Stocks of sticks are held in Tierp (Sweden) and Trondheim (Norway).